You Are Worth It

It is hard to comprehend that I am, finally, able to create this post. I am grateful, humbled, and excited to announce my book, YOU ARE WORTH IT.

Last January, I approached Don Yaeger and Tiffany Brooks with eight of what I thought were good “chapter ideas.”

Since our first initial meeting and in the fifteen months since we have meticulously crafted a book that, I believe, will truly help people.

It’s a journey of more than any single person or experience. It is a journey that has evolved through years of struggle, self-reflection, support and love.

It shows that big battles are accomplished by small victories and that even the smallest of steps completes the grandest of journeys. It is a journey of the human spirit.

It travels through the feeling of blood and life leaving me to stories with homeless people and gang members to eating dinner on a dirt road deep in the heart of Mexico.

With the confidence, help and support of the HarperCollins & William Morrow family, I can’t wait to share You Are Worth It (Building A Life Worth Fighting For), available this October.

It’s time to impact the world. #YouAreWorthIt

Pre-order You Are Worth It today on HarperCollins or Amazon.

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